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Optical bonding adhesive for reduced refraction

Optical bonding adhesive for reduced refraction

Optical bonding adhesives are widely used in creating panels, pcs, and monitors to reduce glare and refraction. The adhesives are also used to increase durability to reduce vandalism while at the same time improving the accuracy of the touchscreen. The other thing is condensation prevention.

LCD monitors are often susceptible to refracting and glare when exposed to highly bright applications or direct sunlight. In many LCDs, an air gap forms between the cover lens and the TFT  panel. When this gap exists, it leads to refraction between every component when there is a lot of light. Using an optical bonding adhesive reduces the reflection on the components, which means better contrast making the screen easier to view when you are outdoors or in bright conditions without having to increase screen brightness.

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best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers

Understanding optical bonding

This is the process in which resin is applied between a touchscreen or glass and an LCD panel. These two are bound to create a solid laminate with no air pockets or gaps. When you pick the ideal screen for projects, you need to evaluate your environment and the conditions in which the screen is intended to be operated. The screen should be created to endure use in such settings.

Industrial-grade panel pcs and screens are created to be rigged with all the best features possible. This helps them withstand all types of applications. Optical bonding is one of the features that should be considered.

Industries that can benefit from optical bonding

Optical bonding adhesives are important in many industries where optical bonding is needed. This includes retail sectors, transportation, medical, marine, and military. These industries need optical bonding because of their rugged nature, and it is important to get a display that can ensure harsh environments. It is also a good choice in areas where displays should have high ambient light colors.

The entire optical bonding process is a very good choice. It can be very effective when used in devices that have to be operated outdoors or in heavily lit environments.

During the manufacture of LCDs, the screen front glass is usually layered to an LCD module. The same case applies to touchscreens. In standard settings and environments, this poses no issues. However, there are conditions where that tiny gap between the two layers can cause impairment in viewing performance.

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Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers


One of the main benefits of Optical bonding adhesives is that they reduce refraction. Non-optically bonded monitor displays leads to light interruption. This light bends and causes reflection back to the module. This causes an impairment of clarity and intensity of the final image. This causes lower readability and brightness. When the glass and the LCD module are bonded using a high-quality adhesive, the interruptions are kept minimal. This means no light is reflected, and you get more light on the screen resulting in brighter images.

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