Lens Structure Parts Bonding PUR Glue

High Bonding Strength

High Creep Resistance

The bonding of lens structural parts requires a fine adhesive layer, high bonding strength, fast positioning, and high humidity, high temperature and high external pressure for the bonding parts.

DeepMaterial PUR hot-melt adhesive can be used in occasions where fast positioning is required, and the adhesive parts need to be resistant to high humidity, high temperature and high external pressure.

1. 100% solid content, one-component, solvent-free, odorless, environmentally friendly adhesive.
2. High initial adhesion, high creep resistance, high bonding strength and good flexibility.
3. The room temperature moisture cures quickly and does not affect the next process.
4. The lower gluing temperature will not cause damage to the components.
5. After curing, it has good sealing insulation, good heat resistance, solvent resistance, good high and low temperature resistance, good water resistance, etc.

DeepMaterial PUR hot-melt adhesive, in addition to being used as lens adhesive, has a wide range of applications. Typical applications are the narrow borders of mobile phones and tablet computer borders.

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