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Optical bonding touch screen laminating adhesive glue technology benefits

Optical bonding touch screen laminating adhesive glue technology benefits

We embrace technology but rarely stop to think about how things work.  Touch screens have become very popular today, and they are used in different gadgets. Screen bonding technology is used on touch screens. When you know the process, you become better suited to make the best decision when choosing interactive displays.

The optical bonding process involves gluing touchscreen glass to LCD cells to fill gaps between them. Optical bonding is done to help improve the performance of the touchscreen while decreasing the overall weight of the display. This ends up making your touchscreen much sturdier and better.

Normally, the interactive displays are attached to cells using adhesive tape. This leads to air gaps between the screen glass and the LCD, which is detrimental to the display performance regardless of how thin that air gap is. This causes setbacks, including the fragility of the glass, a narrower viewing angle, and a loss of accuracy.

Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers
Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers

Benefits of optical bonding touch screens

Optical bonding touch screens come with many benefits. It enhances the performance of the display in different conditions. Bonding also allows a much greater application need, a range that should be met for your touch screen to work as it ought to.

When you pick the right optical bonding touchscreen adhesives, there are some clear benefits that you will end up enjoying. These include:


Optical bonding processes help protect the LCD and cover glass from cell shock. This is because the hardened adhesive behind the glass acts as the shock absorber. This means shocks and shakes are unlikely to damage the touchscreen. This is an important benefit, especially during transportation. In case of damage, the broken glass sticks to the optical adhesive. This is a very important benefit for purposes of safety.

Better viewing experience

Optically bonded touchscreens help to eliminate internal reflection between the glass and the cell. This leads to a much better contrast, allowing the touch screen to be seen better, even in brighter environments. Also, eliminating the reflection allows the gadgets to have a  much wider viewing angle, allowing better visibility. You can see the screen much better with minimal or no reflection.

Better touch screen experience

With the optical bonding touch screen, you reduce parallax. This light refraction angle makes the physical location appear different from the corresponding point on the screen depending on the sight line. This causes touch inaccuracy and a bad user experience. With optical bonding on your touch screen, the air gap is removed, and it eliminates parallax giving you accurate touch and a reliable and natural experience.

Moisture and dust protection

When the air gap in the touch screen is eliminated, moisture and dust cannot penetrate. This is an important thing of the touch screen that has to be used under humid environments where fogging can happen in displays that are not optically bonded. Eliminating this gap ensures that the touch screen remains in the best state for longer.

Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers
Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers

DeepMaterial bonding options

For optical bonding touch screen adhesive, you ought to look for the best possible option. At deepmaterial, you have access to a wide variety that you can pick to suit specific applications. We have great touchscreen adhesive and can custom-make even better solutions for different applications and industries.

For more about optical bonding touch screen laminating adhesive glue technology benefits,you can pay a visit to DeepMaterial at for more info.

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