Consumer Electronics Assembly

Adhesives Used For Assembling Of Consumer Electronics
From processes like coil encapsulation, special wire coatings, mounting to assembling of audio components, it can be said that the adhesive products being offered by DeepMaterial are of premium quality. These are used in various electronic appliances in the market today.

In today’s world, end-users of electronic devices/appliances are always expecting nothing but the best products. They want items that are responsive, rugged, reliable and proven. These could be smart handheld devices or even smart phones. Consumers never get tired of demanding for high performance products. Due to such high expectations, manufacturing experts are now relying on Deepmaterial for material requirements that are advanced and sophisticated.

We have different ranges of formulated sealants, inks, solder pastes, under fills, coatings, adhesives, and solutions for thermal management. These are to ensure electronic products being used today are reliable and efficient. The products of Deepmaterial help electronic manufacturers to achieve all of these. These could be long term stability, reduced ownership cost, convenient storage and highly optimized processibility.

Built To Meet The Ever-Changing Demands Of End Users By Representing Versatility, Durability, And Strength
In recent times, mass production as well as miniaturization of electronic appliances/devices do require bonding processes that are precise, stronger and faster. DeepMaterial has vast understanding about:

• Requirements for aesthetics
• Requirements for design
• Requirements for precise applications

Most of the adhesive bonding technologies have limitations. Our experts will analyze all of these through adhesive that are not only innovative but also instant-engineered. They have been tailored to meet the demands of today’s end-users in the world of electronics. You will have a manufacturing process that is more effective and 100% result-oriented. Our adhesives will ensure the following:

• Better safety for workers
• Enhanced final aesthetics
• Enhanced performance capabilities
• Better flexibility and versatility for applications due to various fixing and opening times

Storage Device & Graphics card
Comprehensive and premium bonding material solutions used in various computer devices like graphic card, Harddisk, SDD and HDD.

Tablet and Smartphone
Adhesive solutions used in tablets and mobile devices. We have the required adhesives that can be used in modern and sophisticated devices.

Smart Home Devices
The mission of DeepMaterial is to make systems and devices highly functional, cost-competitive and reliable. This is why we provide a complete collection of materials for connecting, cooling and protecting.

Wearable Devices
When it comes to holistic solutions which can be used for wearables like virtual reality and smart watches, DeepMaterial is a leader. We have materials that can ensure interconnection of electrical components. These will offer the best protection to electronics from environments that seem challenging.

Digital Printing
DeepMaterial has adhesive solutions that can be used for digital printing. These can help in product durability and assembling of sensors (thin-film). In a situation whereby accurate chemical resistance, process strength, or ease of handling is required, there is no need to bother. This is because our Adhesive Solutions at DeepMaterial can meet such criteria. The various curing options available are thermal mechanisms IR, and UV.

Components & Accessories
For the ultimate user experience to become a reality, mobile devices need to have components and accessories that have been put together with the best materials. At DeepMaterial, we have all the necessary items to make such possible. These materials will help in sealing and offering of maximum protection to components from vibration, shock, high temperature and many others.