Mobile Phone Shell Tablet Frame Bonding

 High Initial Adhesion

Water Resistance

The appearance of modern electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers is becoming more and more thin and light. This requires that the electronic components should not be too large. At the same time, the borders of mobile phones and tablet computers will also be finer, and the fitting gap will naturally be thinner. Then put forward higher requirements.

DeepMaterial’s hot-melt adhesive can reliably bond thin and narrow structural adhesives. In the application of mobile phone and tablet computer frame bonding, it can dispense glue lines as thin as 0.2mm, and at the same time, it can ensure such a thin glue line. Adhesive layer, will not affect the bond strength.

The advantages of dysprosium DeepMaterial hot melt adhesive:
1. DeepMaterial hot-melt adhesive, one-component, reactive hot-melt structural adhesive, no need to mix;
2. Lower gluing temperature, rapid curing of adhesive layer moisture;
3. High initial adhesion, small curing shrinkage, and simple bonding process.
4. The frame of the shell bonded with PUR has good sealing and insulation;
5. It has good wear resistance, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance;
6. Excellent weather resistance, not affected by temperature changes in four seasons.

DeepMaterial fast and flexible bonding solution has good adhesion on plastic, metal, glass and composites, fast curing, thin glue line, low cost, helping customers to bond the scrap rate of mobile phone shell plastic to metal structure Significantly reduce, save costs and improve the quality of mobile phones.

Why choose DeepMaterial?
We can provide you with a wealth of professional knowledge and provide adhesive solutions for various plastics, metals, etc., and can provide DeepMaterial adhesives with special processes according to the special needs of customers.

DeepMaterial has an experienced technical team, high-end equipment production line, strict quality management system, and the quality stability of the DeepMaterial hot melt adhesive products produced is better!