Camera VCM Voice Coil Motor Glue

High Bonding Strength

Fast Curing

The auto focus function of the mobile phone is realized by locking the camera into the voice coil motor. The voice coil motor is referred to as VCM. It is mainly composed of coils, magnet groups, shrapnel, gaskets, etc. The fixation with YOKE, etc., needs to be realized by glue. The glue is required to have high bonding strength, good electronic insulation properties, solvent resistance, impact resistance, low stress, etc.For notebook computers with large screens and small volumes, the DeepMaterial series of adhesive products can provide narrow-side bonding and shading, circuit board protection, thermal conductive materials and battery BMS protection.

Deepmaterial recommend using low temperature curing adhesive, one-component epoxy resin adhesive, low temperature fast curing, no damage to sensitive components. High bonding strength, good electrical insulation performance after curing, long service life, strong impact resistance, excellent protection effect and shock resistance for components, and can be used as VCM glue for precision motors.

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