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Today’s consumers want smaller devices, more functionality, outstanding reliability and, of course, lower cost. As the demands of the semiconductor market intensify year on year, DeepMaterial has a complete portfolio of die attach, underfill, encapsulant, and specialized adhesives and coating products for nearly any advanced package and any application including Flip Chip, Wafer Level Packaging and Memory 3D TSV Packaging.

With mobile & cloud computing, memory and advanced driver assistance systems underpinning the need for form factor reduction, system level integration, board level performance, increased reliability and low cost solutions, miniaturization has become a core focus of the electronics market. In response to higher density at the board level DeepMaterial is the leader for adhesives that allow new package designs, new interconnected technology and more data handling. When it comes to innovative materials at the forefront of the advanced interconnected market, DeepMaterial is the leading choice.

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