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Improve production efficiency and save money by using panel bonding Adhesives

Manufacturers usually rely on the best joining processes to ensure these products are top-grade and durable. Welding, brazing, soldering, nailing, screwing, bolting, and riveting are some of the most common joining processes with manufacturers. However, in sensitive applications, these processes are not efficient and cost-efficient.

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best china Uv curing adhesive manufacturers

What is a panel bonding adhesive?
A panel bonding adhesive is a two-part glue that is used industrially for large-scale bonding. This industrial bonding process is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of forming many materials and products. Panel bonding adhesives can be used to bond aluminium, steel, traditional fibreglass, and various other mechanical materials. They can be used industrially to replace door skins, sides of utility vehicles, van sides, box sides, roofs, and quarter panels. Panel bonding is used widely in various industries to create product parts or full goods. This way, there is a substantial cost saving and increased production efficiency, In addition, panel bonding as a method can also be used along with other types of bond.

Panel bonding in industrial assembly
Panel bonding adhesives are structural adhesive products that inhibit corrosion and are made to be durable. This is one of the most efficient bonding methods because it is more efficient and superior to welding and mechanical joining. As an industrial adhesive, panel bonding is applied by advanced robots to various product components. These robots also help position the adhesive and cure them by applying sufficient heat. Panel bonding is usually a part of a production assembly system. In industrial product assembly, panel bonds are used to fasten two substrates together. This usually results in a smooth bond. This joining technique is usually done automatically in advanced production facilities. And it usually involves the application of one of the various available panel bonding adhesives.

Panel bonding: Improves production efficiency and saves money
Joining processes are indispensable in the manufacturing industry. These processes involve forming a unique and high-quality component from two materials. This involves a method that is usually used to create a part of or a full ready-to-sell consumer good. Most manufacturing materials can be joined together with the right processes such as bonding. However, not all joining processes are suitable for every material. While most joining processes are useful in the manufacturing industry, nothing compares to panel bonding.

Benefits of panel bonding adhesives
Panel bonding adhesives
are applied in various industries due to the benefit that they provide. Apart from improving production efficiency and saving money, they also offer amazing engineering benefits. These include:
Reduces overall product weight: Conventional industrial joining processes like bolts/nuts, mechanical fasteners, and welds add to the total weight of the product. However, when panel bonding with adhesive is used, this significantly reduces the overall product weight. In vehicles, this results in reduced carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Using adhesives in buses can reduce the total weight by 80 kg.

Anti-corrosive: Panel bonding adhesives in industrial environments help prevent corrosion. Welded fasteners and bonds are susceptible to corrosion at some point. However, panel adhesive applications in vehicle panels do not undergo rust. In some conditions, they can be used for corrosion prevention. The use of adhesives in vehicle body panels can be used to enhance the durability of the vehicles.

Vibration and noise cancelling: Adhesives when applied in vehicle production help produce a more compact product. This helps to cancel the noise and vibration produced by the engines when riding on uneven surfaces. Because panel bonding with adhesives produces flexible vehicle bodies, there are no noises or vibrations. Apart from application in vehicles, this is also beneficial to public transport like trains, freight vehicles, and so on.

Bonding non-similar materials: Panel bonding adhesives are indispensable in industries that rely on the bonding of dissimilar materials to create new products. There has been a considerable increase in the application of composite materials over the years. The use of panel bonds helps ease the process of bonding composite materials.

 Improvement of efficiency: Panel bonding when used as an automotive body glue helps increase production efficiency. This helps the manufacturer to save a lot of money. It saves money because adhesives are generally cheaper than welding and fasteners. Using adhesives for body panels helps to save money and time. So many manufacturing facilities benefit from this important function of panel bonding adhesives.

Fast assembly processes: Panel bonding adhesives are used commonly in workshops and garages. They help these facilities accelerate their vehicle repair processes. The adhesive can be quickly applied in comparison to other mechanical fasteners. In addition, they do not require the use of trained personnel, unlike welding. Because of this benefit, you can quickly assemble the various panels of vehicles and other machinery.

Applications of panel bonding
Panel bonding relies on the use of engineered adhesives for the production of consumer goods. While they can be applied in almost all industries, one of the primary applications of panel bonding adhesives is the automotive industry. The panel bonding process is usually carried out by automated robots that are fed with the adhesive. This way, they help save costs and improve production efficiency.

This is important to know that the process can also be carried out manually for non-repetitive tasks or simple repairs. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are always looking for ways to improve production efficiency and save money. Reducing costs and improving product performance help the business of manufacturing expand and grow exponentially. This is why many production assemblies depend on panel bonding adhesives to achieve this easily.

How to get the right panel bonding adhesive for your product assembly lines
There are numerous commercial panel bonding adhesives out there. However, these generic products have been produced for certain applications. Many panel bonding adhesives possess physical characteristics that make them efficient for use industrially. However, they may have certain limitations when applied in specific environments or used on some products. This is why manufacturers need a unique solution for their assembly lines. Panel bonding adhesives are usually produced to function optimally in specific applications. This means that there are specific adhesives for different applications. The adhesives are usually produced based on the product requirements and specifications.

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Best industrial electric motor adhesive manufacturers

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