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The Features And Application Of UV Curable Epoxy Conformal Coatings

The Features And Application Of UV Curable Epoxy Conformal Coatings

UV coating can be defined as surface treatment that is cured using ultraviolet radiation to create a bond between substrates. The bonding layer that results can be protective or offer needed adhesion between surfaces. UV coats can also protect underlying materials from harmful UV radiation effects. The coatings are generally popular in different applications because they are considered friendly to the environment; they do not use hazardous solvents and produce no volatile organic compounds and pollutants.

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Epoxy resin is among the most popular materials used in making UV coatings. This resin provides a protective film like most other conformal coatings. The film is usually thin but still manages to offer dielectrics and moisture barrier properties required in all kinds of electronics and applications. The coatings come with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. They are also rigid in nature, thus offering solid abrasion resistance as required.

UV curable epoxy coatings can be single-part or two-part systems. The single-part compounds can cure thermally or by being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. As for the two-part compounds, the curing begins when mixing is done. The single-part epoxies are mostly preferred because of how easy they are to use and their durable pot life.

UV epoxy coating properties

Epoxy coatings have excellent properties and as a result, make some of the top options in all kinds of applications. The properties that have given epoxy coatings a good reputation include their:

  • Wide temperature operating range
  • Chemical, moisture, and gas resistance
  • Hard durometer and abrasion resistance
  • Impressive dielectric properties
  • High levels of glass transition
  • Durability and strength

How they are applied 

Conformal coatings are applied using similar methods. The processes are different and achieve different results so you can choose according to your application requirements. The application processes you can choose when handling UV curable epoxy coatings are:

Brushing – this application method is most suitable for assemblies and prototypes requiring sufficient masking. But considering how laborious it can be, it is recommended for low-quantity orders.

Spraying – this application method is usually done using an aerosol can or a spray gun to achieve the desired coating. For high quantities of components that need spraying, automated machines can be used to make the process easy and efficient. The robotic systems increase productivity and still achieve consistent conformal coatings for the protection needed for the existing components.

Dipping – this application method for the UV curable adhesives involves immersing the components or assemblies in an adhesive tank for the coating. It can be a manual or automated process and is very effective for large batches.

When going for epoxy coating solutions, it is important to remember that film shrinkage is possible and can damage the underlying components. This is especially possible with delicate components and happens when the epoxy adhesive cures too fast or under high temperatures. It is important to determine what epoxy adhesives are suitable for what applications.

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