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What is the Best Plastic Bonding Epoxy Adhesive?

What is the Best Plastic Bonding Epoxy Adhesive?

The use of plastic bonding epoxy adhesive to bond plastic substrates is becoming increasingly popular amongst manufacturers today. Such adhesives are capable of forming strong and invisible bonds between different substrates. This particular type of adhesive is also making headlines because of its resistant nature to heat, water, as well as other solvents.

It is no longer news that fabricators are beginning to prefer this type of adhesive over others for plastic applications. So, if you are here to get more information on the subject, you have come to the right place. This post will reel out some of the best plastic bonding epoxy adhesive solutions you should know about.

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Unibond Epoxy Repair Plastic

Unibond Epoxy Repair Plastic is an adhesive solution that is meant to bond plastic substrates together. This solution is fast becoming an option for most industries.

Regarded as one of the best adhesives for plastic surfaces, this particular adhesive can be used to form neat, strong bonds when correctly applied.

Plastics bonded with Unibond Epoxy Repair Plastic can be used in almost any environment. For instance, they can be exposed to water or other solvents and not affected. Also, the bonds formed are not affected when they are faced with heat.


Locite Plastic Bonder

Locite Plastic Bonder is another plastic bonding epoxy adhesive that has made lots of sales in recent times. That is because the bond created by this solution has proven to be durable and very reliable.

The Locite Plastic Bonder actually exists in a variety of formulas, making it perfect for different applications. So, it is very important that you acquaint yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions before settling for any option.

Another reason why this plastic bonding epoxy adhesive has a high patronage is because it is easy to use. Anyone can use it and the bond will still be perfect.


Gorilla Epoxy Glue

Gorilla Epoxy Glue is considered as one plastic bonding epoxy adhesive that has superior water and solvent-resistant properties. This solution produces an unbelievably strong and lasting bond when applied on plastic surfaces.

That is not all, because this superior quality bond can also be used on other surfaces, such as wood, glass, steel, and others. And the bond quality will still be as effective.

The fact that you can use this plastic bonding epoxy adhesive on almost any surface tells you how much quality it has.


Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy

This one looks like the previous product because their names look similar, but they are not. This is a different product altogether.

The Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy 5 Min Set is also rising to fame at an incredible rate because users prefer a plastic bonding epoxy adhesive that cures on time.

It is not enough to create long-lasting bonds, but it also means a lot that it does not take forever to form the necessary bonds. In addition, this particular epoxy adhesive can equally be used on a number of substrates, including plastic surfaces.


JB Weld Plastic Bonder

This fast setting, 2 parts adhesive solution is perfect for bonding plastics together. That is why we had to consider it as one of the best plastic bonding epoxy adhesive in this post.

This bond can be used to effectively repair broken plastic parts. You can also apply it on a number of surfaces, and the output bond will be durable.

However, there is one thing you need to know about this solution – it requires a bit of time to cure. Fabricators say it takes up to 60 minutes to set. If you cannot afford that luxury of time, you may want to opt for an adhesive that can cure in shorter periods, like the one discussed above.



Permabond is another plastic bonding epoxy adhesive that surely deserves recognition in this post. Permabond is only effective when it is used on specific plastic types. You may not want to apply this plastic bonding epoxy adhesive on all plastics.

They are mostly preferred for plastic bonding that requires high tensile strength. It is a waste of time using this adhesive on certain plastics. A good example is polyolephins.

The reason why you should not use this particular adhesive on such plastics is because it produces a bond that is stronger than the substrates. That said, that does not stop this solution from being considered as one of the best adhesives.


Which of the above options is the best for plastics?

This question has actually formed the most engaged threads online. The subject of knowing the best plastic bonding epoxy adhesive has always been a debate.

Fabricators and engineers are interested in this debate because nobody wants to waste his or her time. So, is any of the above options superior or better than the others?

All the products mentioned above have their pros and cons. While one plastic bonding epoxy adhesive may have an advantage in one area, it may have noticeable shortcomings in other areas.

Therefore, everything boils down to your choice of applications and other factors. You might want to consider other parameters like cost and time.

Having said that, there is no one product that serves as the perfect plastic bonding epoxy adhesive. What may be seen as ideal for one application may not be okay for another application. All the solutions discussed in this post can be used to bond plastics together.

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Final Words

This post has given you some of the best plastic bonding epoxy adhesive. We have been able to point out reasons why they are liked by customers. Virtually all the adhesives discussed here can be used for multiple substrates. It means you don’t have to buy another adhesive if you want to bond something else. We also emphasized that referring to any adhesive as the best is subjective. An adhesive solution is the best if it is able to help you solve your problems. You can repair broken plastics with any of the above options. Get started today!

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