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The Top 8 Areas UV Cure Adhesives Glue Are Used

The Top 8 Areas UV Cure Adhesives Glue Are Used 

UV-curing adhesives are also commonly referred to as light-curing adhesives. These adhesives use UV light and other radiation sources to start their curing process. Free radical elements make the process possible without any need for heating to achieve the desired permanent bond. The adhesives come in various viscosities and chemical systems, mostly polymer, to suit different application requirements. The polymers used mostly are silicones, polyurethane, epoxies, and acrylics.

Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China
Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

The good thing about UV cure adhesives is that they can bond to various substrates, including dissimilar ones. They offer tough and clear bonds, making them even more popular in different areas. Some of the top areas where adhesives are commonly used include the following:

  1. Architectural bonding– In this area, UV adhesives prove to be most beneficial in things like staircases and glass balconies. It is because they are able to resist yellowing, thermal shock, and vibration. The adhesives can also be used to bond large surface areas effectively.
  2. Glass bonding– They serve this area perfectly because they are highly transparent and have excellent stability. They perform well under tough environmental conditions like sunlight and humidity, which is good for bevel bonding as well as stained-glass windows.
  3. Plastic bonding– In plastic bonding, UV curing substances allow clear and full coverage of bond lines. They also give a bubble-free result making them ideal for signage and sales displays and signs.
  4. Medical devices– The adhesives are suitable for disposable medical devices thanks to their rapid curing process. They pass biocompatibility requirements and standard medical device tests to be used without any concerns.
  5. Automotive assembly– This is another area where UV adhesives are commonly used. Because of the fast curing, they make good options, especially for large manufacturing volumes and assembly processes. Because the adhesives also offer high-quality results, manufacturing has nothing to worry about, even when handling large volumes. Critical safety devices like seat belt switches, and headlamps are now being treated using the adhesives.
  6. Shower doors and cabinets– UV cure adhesives are suitable for bonding surfaces like acrylic and glass, as is the case with bathroom doors and cabinets because they offer a low-stress bond that won’t yellow over time under the sun. They also perform well during thermal cycling, making them ideal even for handles.
  7. Encapsulating PCBs– In this case, conformal coatings are commonly used to keep electronic components safe from harmful external factors. The UV conformal coats are thin to provide the needed protection without interfering with the function of the boards.
  8. Panel displays and touch screens– When it comes to lamination, touch screens, and flat panel displays, UV-curing optical digital bonding adhesives are used. They are specifically formulated to match the required visibility and durability of the bonds. Considering they are typically non-yellowing, light transmission and optical clarity are increased, especially for LCD and touch screens like tablets and phones.
best electronics adhesive manufacturer
best electronics adhesive manufacturer

The other areas where UV cure adhesives can be used are shop fittings like shelves and display cases and the manufacturing of respiratory support devices. DeepMaterial offers high-quality adhesives to suit all application needs. It is one of the most reputable manufacturers you can choose to work with as far as adhesives go.

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