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The need of adhesives glue for potting electronics

The need of adhesives glue for potting electronics

Potting involves fillings done using an adhesive or potting compound. When this is done, the components are usually in a recess or housing that has to be filled with adhesive.

Best structural epoxy adhesive glue manufacturers in china
Best structural epoxy adhesive glue manufacturers in china

Why it’s needed

Circuit boards have several small components that are very sensitive. These include diodes, transistors, and microchips. There is a need to protect them from moisture that causes short circuits in the system. There is a need for chemical protection as well, as it can attack or corrode the components. Impact, vibration, and thermal shock also need to be protected. This is because they can detach components rendering the device or application useless.

There are many cases where potting electronics makes it hard to copy or spy on the circuitry. This makes card readers and smart chips hard for criminals to access and tamper with. This is especially when the potting becomes a part of the devices and cannot be removed without damaging the technology.

Adhesives used

When potting in different applications, it is always better to use low-viscosity adhesives. They are the preferred choice. This is because they fill the components better while reducing air bubbles entrapment.

Modified epoxies and two-part epoxies are some of the best choices. Silicones and polyurethane are also good choices. There are UV adhesives that can be used to activate a quick cure, and they don’t need any mixing. Shadow areas, as well as limited depth, usually indicate that they may not be suitable. However, some UV adhesives have secondary cure methods that allow full cure, even in shadow areas.


When you are selecting adhesives to use for potting, there are different considerations to make. These include:

  • The volume of the receptacle: if you need to fill large volumes, you have to consider the exotherm of the adhesive as it cures. It is better to choose slow-curing adhesives because they have a lesser chance of heat as they cure.
  • Flow and viscosity characteristics: you have to determine whether the potting can flow as it should coat the tiniest and most intricate components. You also need to determine whether you can prevent air entrapment and air bubbles.
  • You need to determine how fast curing is needed. This helps you determine the kind of compound to use
  • The substrate material used to make the receptacle has to be determined as well. It is important to ensure the best adhesion to the edges.
  • The application process has to be determined too. You need to consider whether it will be done manually or automatically. Also, look into the idealness of using two-part products.
  • Also, determine the color or opaqueness of the adhesive as needed. There are cases where you need optically clear outcomes, while in others, an opaque compound is the best.
  • The adhesive hardness is important as it reduces tampering risks. This means less stress on the components in thermal contraction and expansion.
  • The cost should also be determined. It is not always wise to pick the cheapest option. Find something of high quality and capable of handling the task at hand.

At DeepMaterial, we have the best potting adhesives for you to peruse. With the right idea, you should be able to get the best outcomes at the end of the day. Working with the best gives you a better chance of getting durable solutions.

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best pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive manufacturers

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