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The Best Way to Apply Electric Motor Magnet Glue

The Best Way to Apply Electric Motor Magnet Glue

Magnetic glues are ideal and popular in the electric motor manufacturing industry. You do not need to adjust them after application because their bonds are very strong. Magnetic adhesives are also water resistant, making them super-efficient for application in a water-prone environment.

But like most other adhesives, you can’t apply electric motor magnet glues incorrectly and expect to get the best results. There are things you must do for you to use your electric motor magnet glue optimally. Those tips will be discussed in the course of this post. Let’s see the various tips below.

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best electronics adhesive manufacturer

A New Trend

Using electric motor magnet glue to bond magnetic components in the electric motor industry is not just a trend, but has come to stay. This adhesive is used particularly to bond magnets together, making it easy for magnetic components to be assembled and coupled without stress.

Such adhesives are also the best option for producing permanent magnet motors. This is why we cannot run away from how you can use this adhesive. Even though they are one of the best adhesives, not using them as intended will affect the quality of the product.


Things to Consider When Applying Electric Motor Magnet Glue

When bonding items together, it is best to apply the right adhesives. Electric motor magnet glue happens to be the ideal solution for electric motor manufacturers because it produces a strong bond and leaves no residue behind.

Electric motor magnet glues can be used to remedy mistakes, attach parts, and strengthen the present glue. The following tips will help you maximize how you use such glues.


Light Touch

One of the tips to using electric motor magnet glues correctly is to apply a light touch on the material you are bonding. That is, you need to press lightly against the material you are applying the glue.

Pressing too hard on the material can cause light damages on the material that might affect the bonded area. While this sounds like common knowledge, it is mostly ignored by some fabricators in the electric motor industry.


Avoid Exposing Glue to Natural Light

This is often overlooked by most people because they feel that natural light cannot impact the adhesive in any way. If you are among such people, you are highly mistaking.

Electric motor magnet glue can fade away not long after application if preventive measures are not taken. One of the preventive measures is to never apply the glue near natural light.

The light from the sun contains some UV rays in it. When those rays touch electric motor magnet adhesives, it makes them unusable and difficult to use.

So, if there is too much of natural light in the place where you are trying to apply the glue, relocate to a dark place where you can glue the materials without compromising the bond. In addition, refrain from using the glue on light colored surfaces since that can also affect the quality of the bond formed.

Another way to effectively apply the glue is using a glue gun under low temperature. That makes it possible for the glue to not fade, while hastening the drying process.


Clean Motor with Degreaser

It is possible to apply an electric motor magnet glue directly as you get and still get a good bond. But unfortunately, it does not always turn out to be so. That is why it is always recommended that you apply a degreaser before applying an adhesive on a motor.

The degreaser will help to remove every dirt on the motor, so that when the bond is applied it will become stronger and reliable. The more the motor is free of dirt or dust, the stronger the electric motor magnet glue will be on the electric motor.


Place Motor in The Electric Motor Magnet Glue

After degreasing the motor, place it on the electric motor magnet glue for proper positioning. Applying the glue any other way may cause the magnet to lose its original position.

When the magnet is correctly positioned, the glue is bound to functional optimally. That way, it will stick accordingly. Clean the metal case afterwards to be sure it does not contain any form of dirt.


Give The Glue Some Time to Dry Before Using the Motor

Only a handful of glues work automatically. The grand rule is to give the glue some time to dry before using the motor.

The glue might appear to be okay when you look at it. But most times the bond formed is not strong enough because the glue did not dry as expected.

For your glue to work perfectly, wait a while to be sure it is dry. The longer you wait for the glue to cure, the more likely the electric motor will be fixed on that position without shaking.


Motor Types That Can Use Electric Motor Magnet Glues

Perhaps, you are still confused about whether to invest in electric motor magnet glues because you are not sure if they can be used on certain motors.

Interestingly, electric motor magnet glues can be used on a wide range of electric motors. For instance, they can be used on different applications, which include medical device, power tools, as well as vending machines.

Induction motors can work with this type of glue. Such motors help to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. That is why they are common in power tools, washing machines, and blenders.

Final Words

This post has been able to shed more light on the subject of electric motor magnet glue. Now you understand what they are, and how you can apply them correctly. This post has explained some tips to follow to enable you use this type of glues accurately. This type of adhesive is an excellent choice for electric motor applications. Electric motor adhesives are here to stay, and the best we can do is to know how to use them excellently. Get the best of your electric motor applications when you use such glues.

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