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Silicone Potting Compound VS Epoxy Potting Compound – Which One Is Better?

Silicone Potting Compound VS Epoxy Potting Compound – Which One Is Better?

Potting is filling or embedding electronic assemblies or components with resinous material in an enclosure to keep them safe from hazards. The embedding can be done partially or completely, depending on the levels of protection needed for the given application. Potting compounds help improve electrical insulation, heat dissipation, and flame retardant properties. The compounds used on the electronics are, in most cases, permanent shields that endure all situations safeguarding the assembly.

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Electronics contain sensitive and critical components that can easily get damaged when exposed to harsh environments and threats. Corrosion, vibrations, climatic conditions, dust, heat, and chemical aggression are some threats the components are exposed to and need protection from. The most commonly used materials for potting are epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane.

Epoxy and silicone compounds enjoy popularity in equal measure because of their superior characteristics to polyurethane compounds. Epoxy is a durable potting material commonly used on printed circuit boards because of its high chemical resistance. This material also offers high adhesion properties, among other features, which make it a great choice for various applications. Curing for the resin, however, takes time.

Silicone is durable and flexible as a potting compound, making it very useful in applications exposed to extreme temperatures. But compared with epoxy, silicone is costly, making it less suitable for some simple applications. By looking at silicone potting compound vs. epoxy, you should be able to decide which material makes a better choice for your potting requirements.

Uncured Properties 

To compare the two potting materials, it is best to look at the properties in cured and uncured states.

Cost of material – When buying potting materials, silicone costs more than epoxy, which is medium priced. Epoxy is more affordable and hence preferable by many users.

Ease of handling – When it comes to handling, silicone is very easy to work with, whereas epoxy is not complicated but requires some know-how to achieve the desired results.

Curing speed – The two potting compounds match in curing potential as they both can cure faster or slower depending on the application demands. They can be left to cure at room temperature or the process hastened by heat application.

Moisture sensitivity – In uncured form, epoxy can be sensitive to moisture, while silicone has very low sensitivity. It, therefore, does not risk getting damaged due to moisture.

Cured Properties 

Hardness – In cured form, epoxy is hard and rigid, whereas silicone is soft and flexible. They are therefore suited for different applications, with silicone making a better choice for components that would get damaged by the rigidness of epoxy compounds.

Adhesion – when it comes to adhesion, epoxy is excellent, and silicone is fair. Epoxy adhesion can last a lifetime, but to achieve the same superior quality as silicone, you must mix it with other hardening chemicals.

Chemical resistance – Epoxy takes the crown in terms of resisting chemicals. Silicone has very poor chemical resistance and is not ideal for components exposed to chemicals.

Component stress – Because of its rigidity, epoxy can easily stress electrical components compared with silicone which remains excellent because of its lightweight nature. In fact, you can expect some weight addition to your component when you use epoxy potting compounds.

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