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Is potting electronics with hot glue ideal?

Is potting electronics with hot glue ideal?

Hot glue can be a good choice if your potting needs involve the protection of spruced wire. When you decide to pot with hot melt, there are several advantages that you can enjoy over other options. However, things have to be done correctly to get the best outcome.

Hot Melt glue Potting

Hot melts are quite easy to use and dispense. Setting happens quite fast, and it is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can choose. Different manufacturers develop formulations that can be used in different encapsulating potting and filling applications.

best pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive manufacturers
best pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive manufacturers

Hot melts can be used for potting to prevent any kind of corrosion. They are also used to boost the durability of products. Hot melts can be easily dispensed using hot melt gins. One of the best things about hot glue is its availability in different colors. This allows the users to match the compound and the substrates. This gives a less obvious bond.

Hot melts and their idealness

There are different hot melts available in the market. Picking one from the best manufacturer allows you to enjoy the many characteristics and benefits associated with using them. Usually, the compounds have a very fast setting time. This depends on the amount of adhesive that you are applying as well as the application temperature.

Because the compound sets fast, you don’t need ovens or drying racks to accelerate or facilitate the curing process. The hot melts don’t need any mixing, so it takes less time to apply. There is also minimal waste with this compound.

The shelf life of hot melts makes it a better option than the others because it is long. Cleaning it up is very easy, and there is no messy residue left behind. This is a cost-effective option if compared to the other options available in the market.

Things to take care of

If you intend to pot PCBs, much care has to be taken. Rigid and hard compounds contract and expand according to the prevailing temperature. Usually, there are thermal coefficients that exist between the PCB and the compound, and they are different. If this happens, parts will start snapping off your PCB, which is not an ideal situation.

Silicone is the softest compound that you can use for potting. It is very gentle and can handle high temperatures. You can still work on the surfaces where silicone is stuck because it can be pulled away.

If your intention is to use hot melt, then you have to look at your applications. You would have to carry out adequate research to ensure that you are purchasing exactly what you need.

Hot melts are a good option for potting, and they are usually molded or heated around components as needed. It is one of the best ways to develop a watertight enclosure. It will settle fast.

Possible damage

There are dangers associated with potting. One of them involves curing heat, which may end up damaging the important parts. If you are dealing with heat-sensitive components, you need a  compound that does not give much heat.

Potting compound shrinkage is the other thing that bothers most people. This causes shrinkage after and during curing, which can cause damage to the solder bonds and components.

Best top china electronic adhesives glue manufacturers
Best top china electronic adhesives glue manufacturers

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