Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

Best Top 5 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

Pressure sensitive adhesives are used in different industries. These could be companies that are into production and packaging, automotive, electronics, and many others. They are used in manufacturing of various tapes and labels. When these pressure-sensitive sticking materials are being used, agents like solvent or even water are not required. Please note that in some cases, pressure may have to be applied before it can work as expected.

Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China
Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

How To Purchase Them In China
It is true that there are numerous pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers in different countries around the world. However, you need to understand that some of the best companies are in China. They do not only manufacture the best pressure sensitive adhesives. Also, these products are available at prices that are highly competitive.

Are you searching for a company in China that manufactures pressure sensitive adhesives? Do you know that most companies will fall short of your expectations? There is absolutely no need to be worried though. This is simply because the major aim of this post will be to explain some of the best pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers in China. These are companies that have built a solid reputation when it comes to manufacturing top-quality pressure sensitive adhesives in recent times. Check each of them below.

Xiamen Cheshire New Material Co., Ltd
This is probably one of the most reputable pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers in China. At more than 30,000 tons, you can tell that its annual production capacity speaks volume. Since coming into existence in 2007, it has been using the latest technology to produce pressure sensitive adhesive for different companies. Its main products are:
• Hot melt glue
• Hot melt adhesive
Although it can manufacture branded items, it is also into the production of OEM/ODM materials. At the moment, its main markets are:
• China
• UK
• United States
• Europe
• Asia
• Africa
• And many other locations
If you are ever thinking about delving into the business of pressure sensitive adhesives, it is highly recommended to explore the various options that Xiamen Cheshire New Material Co., Ltd has got to offer. This is due to how it has built a reputation for manufacturing products of very high quality since coming into existence.

Guangzhou Brisun Chemical Co., Ltd
When it comes to water-based pressure sensitive adhesives, there very few companies in China and other parts of the world that can compete with the expertise of Guangzhou Brisun Chemical Co., Ltd. It has different categories of products that you can choose from. These could be:

• Protective film adhesives for sticky mat and rollers
• Masking tape pressure sensitive adhesive (water-based)
• PVC wallpaper pressure sensitive adhesive
• Aluminum profile protective film adhesive (water-based)
• Bopp packing tape pressure sensitive adhesive
• Labels pressure sensitive adhesive

It should be noted that although this company manufactures different types of pressure sensitive adhesives, its main products remain those that are water-based. It has an experienced team of researchers that ensure products with the best features are manufactured for customers all over the world. Despite being located in Guangzhou, it has been able to penetrate into the global market. Its production line is currently more than 10.

Foshan Nan Pao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
There is no doubting the fact that Foshan Nan Pao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a company that deserves to be mentioned among some of the best pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers in China. For instance, its research and development team seems to be breaking new grounds when it comes to producing the most innovative pressure sensitive adhesives you will find around the market. Of course, this takes a very high level of creativity.

This is a certified and trusted company that has one mission – manufacturing the products that are capable of meeting the needs and expectations of the end users. It has different categories of products like:
• Hot Melt Adhesive Hm-825A
• Hot Melt Adhesive Hm-102p
• Hot Melt Adhesive Hm-8101af
• Hot Melt Adhesive Hm-801
• Hot Melt Adhesive Hm-818

Please note that each category of pressure sensitive adhesive above has its role when used in projects. It is therefore important to contact them before making a decision about which one to place order for.

Xiamen Inspring Technology CO., LTD
Xiamen Inspring Technology Co., is another company that is definitely worthy of getting mentioned among the best in China when it comes to manufacturing pressure sensitive adhesive that can stand the test of time. Some of its certifications are HSE, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. Its research and development process has been nothing short of impressive due to discoveries it has introduced over the years. Some of its main products are:

• Baby Diaper Hot Melt Construction Glue Block
• Medical Tape Hot Melt Glue Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
• Light Yellow Glue Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

The market that it has been serving over the years are Western Europe, Easter Asia, Middle East, Africa, Easter Europe and many more. For better understanding, the products you will find in this company are grouped into categories like:
• Hot Melt Adhesive
• C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
• C5 Hydrocarbon Resin
• White Oil
• SIS Thermoplastic Rubber

DeepMaterial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

DeepMaterial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in adhesives for semiconductor and electronic applications and surface protection materials for chip packaging and testing.

Deepmaterial is reactive hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing one component epoxy underfill adhesives, hot melt adhesives glue, uv curing adhesives,high refractive index optical adhesive, magnet bonding adhesives, best top waterproof structural adhesive glue for plastic to metal and glass, electronic adhesives glue for electric motor and micro motors in home appliance.

Based on the core technolo- gy of adhesives, DeepMaterial has developed adhesives for chip packaging and testing, circuit board-level adhe-sives, and adhesives for electronic products. Based on adhesives, it has developed protective films, semiconductor fillers, and packaging materials for semiconductor wafer processing and chip packaging and testing.

Having seen all of the above, it is very clear that there are many companies you can patronize or contact when it comes to pressure sensitive adhesive in China. The best part is that the details of this post have managed to select some of the best companies around.

Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China
Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers In China

For more about best top 5 pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers in china,you can pay a visit to DeepMaterial at for more info.

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