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Best Top 10 BGA Underfill Epoxy Adhesives And Underfill Encapsulants Manufacturers In China

Best Top 10 BGA Underfill Epoxy Adhesives And Underfill Encapsulants Manufacturers In China

Underfills are materials made of epoxy that are used in different electronic assemblies to handle the gaps that exist between components and on the PCBs. Applying an underfill protects the components from vibration, thermal cycling, drop, and shock.

There is a wide range of underfills that bear some unique features for all sorts of applications. Underfills are important because they reduce the effects caused by the mismatch between substrates and silicone die. They are also used to offer mechanical stability and support.

Underfill epoxy adhesives offer good protection against ionic residues and unwanted substances. One of the key things that the underfill helps to achieve is better adhesion of components onto the substrate and shock protection. Today, the formulations include no flow underfills. This eliminates the viscosity limits of the materials, package size, and process temperature. They improve the efficiency of production. Modern technology today includes fast curing underfills as well as reworkable underfills.

Best structural epoxy adhesive glue manufacturers in china
Best structural epoxy adhesive glue manufacturers in china

The best manufacturers

There are many players in the market manufacturing and distributing the best products. Some of the best top 10 underfill epoxy adhesives manufacturers in China include:

  1. Dongguan Theforce New Material Co., Ltd is one of the most innovative companies with years of experience. The company handles metal frames, color essence, epoxy resin, and UV resin, among others.
  2. DeepMaterial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd: Deepmaterial is low temperature cure bga flip chip underfill pcb epoxy process adhesive glue material manufacturer and temperature-resistant underfill coating material supppliers,supply one component epoxy underfill compounds,epoxy underfill encapsulant,underfill encapsulation materials for flip chip in pcb electronic circuit board,epoxy-based chip underfill and cob encapsulation materials and so on.
  3. Magbond adhesives is authorized to produce adhesives for different applications, including machinery and auto parts. The company produces different adhesives, including the best underfills for all applications.
  4. Shanghai Hansi Industrial Co is a well-recognized company in the adhesive field and provides the best underfill solutions in the market. There is a wide range of products you can access from the company and solutions for everyone and the industry.
  5. Hubei Bestway technology co., ltd is one of the best companies in China, with the main business being the research and development of all sorts of epoxy. The company plays a big role in adhesive and underfill production.
  6. Han epoxy is another well-established company handling research and development of new epoxy materials. It is the number one producer in China that uses advanced technology to offer the widest range of product solutions.
  7. Hebei quzi chemical products import and export company handles international-grade products, including epoxy underfills and other adhesive solutions. The company has experts in the market who can offer high-quality solutions.
  8. Shenzhen Meitaibang Chemical was established in 1998 and produces epoxy resins and hardeners. Research and development are one of the company’s strong suits. The products are used in different applications in outdoor and indoor constructions.
  9. Hunan MGCOW Technology specializes in epoxy resin adhesive curing agents and crystal adhesives. It is very competitive and one of the best in the field.
  10. Shanghai Jorle Fine Chem Co has a good technical force and handles the production of high-quality products available at the most reasonable prices. Products are used in electronics, power, and other industries.
best pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive manufacturers
best pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive manufacturers


The above are some of the best underfill epoxy adhesive manufacturers in China. They are engaged in research and development to improve products and innovate more solutions.

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