Benefits of UV Light Adhesives

DeepMaterial UV Glue (UV and Visible Light Cure Adhesives) cure quickly when exposed to light of the appropriate wavelength and intensity. They are one component adhesives that are solvent free (100% solids) and are ideal for many applications in which glass or plastic which are able to convey UV or visible light is bonded to itself or metals and other substrates.

DeepMaterial UV curable adhesives are used in industries as diverse as munitions to art glass. DeepMaterial has a long history of supplying the decorative and art glass industries with UV activated glues. DeepMaterial is the preferred choice for the strength and clarity needed in this industry. Similarly, the beveled glass industry uses specialty UV glass adhesives with a controlled cure.

In many industries, manufacturers often desire the fastest cure process available. Cure speeds of UV curable adhesives are adaptable to the application. Cure time is dependent on several parameters and can be adjusted by changing the light intensity or distance of the light from the assembly or by adding another UV lamp onto the production line.

Benefits of DeepMaterial UV Light Curable Adhesives
· High Strength Bonds
· Cure Only When Exposed to Light – permits alignment of parts prior to bonding.
· Select a Cure Speed – double production speed by simply adding another lamp to the line.
· Solvent-free – Non-flammable – increase safety
· Single Part Product – No mixing required
· 100% solids – No waste.
· Save energy – UV lamps require less electricity than heat cure ovens for epoxies
· Space savings – UV lamps require less space than heat cure oven tunnels
· Appearance – UV glue is available in clear colorless formulations
· Technical Support – application specialists available for assistance with joint design, adhesive selection, and production process.

Which DeepMaterial UV glue is right for your application?
UV activated glues encompass a wide range of chemistries. From the standard UV curable acrylates, to UV curable epoxy, to dual-cure UV glues which also cure with activator, heat, moisture, or anaerobically with metal.

Contact DeepMaterial for assistance with product selection and process integration. Our team of sales, service, and technical specialists will assist in finding the right UV cured glue and process for your requirements.

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